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New Flavor!

Hey guys & gals,

I am David Lopez, Creative Director for Plead the 5th.

Plead the Fifth means a new flavor, to an old and sometimes forgotten message. Here at Plead the 5th we believe that Jesus died on the cross and paid for our sins, which means that it is finished. But even further than that,  we do not need to justify, backup, defend, or accept the cost of death on our lives because it was all already paid for. So we chose to Plead the 5th amendment and allow the grace and the glory of God speak for us and through us.

This message is 2000 years old, and still true today, but here at Plead the 5th, we decided to add a new look and feel to the delivery of the message to those who have not heard and have not believed it. We do this using amazing photography, art, visuals,  meetings, events, music, video production, and more to help spread this beautiful message to people all over the world. This makes Plead the 5th mean hope, creativity, love,  acceptance and God’s grace, to everyone who gets involved.

I love Plead the 5th and so will you.

Erica Teran: Head Of Discipleship For Plead The 5th

Hello Everyone,

I love Plead the 5th because it creates an environment where kids and adults alike can live out what they’re passionate about. I love that it always comes down to loving and helping each other. Strangers and friends get to know one another better and encourage, help and lead each other in accordance with what they learn. Plead the 5th builds an inspiring place for community that not only stays there, but bleeds into the streets with generosity, kindness and compassion. This is fulfilling to me because its not only a place where I can work alongside and lead others in their passion, but I myself am also encouraged and motivated to further live out my calling. Even though I didn’t grow up being encouraged or praised, I want others to know that their families and communities can be filled with people who love and appreciate one another for what they can offer the world. And what they each can offer—even if its just their smile—is something no one else in the world can replicate.

Grace Speaks For Itself

Hello friend,

I am Rodney Fabian, Founder & Director of Plead The 5th.

People are always asking me “What is Plead The 5th exactly?” Well with programs like Project ELI, H Squared, The Fearless & Hidden Voices I can understand your confusion! We are a helping hand, a voice to speak for you when you can’t, a friend to the lonely, & a hope to the hopeless. We intend to be everything God IS, as best as we can.

Everything we do is geared to help those in need, & EVERY human being is in need. Whether we are impoverished or wealthy we need support in all of our lives. We want to be God’s hands extended to everyone on earth. Through outreach & mentoring programs we believe that we will build life-long relationships & make life-long impacts. We hope to raise up a generation of kind, encouraging, and successful young men & women.

Truly if we teach the next generation to do these things, the future of our world will change because they ARE the future of our world!

On this blog we will update you all on what we are doing, how you can help & how we can help YOU! We hope you are blessed & that you would go out & love somebody today.

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